Rosa and Antonio

"Thank you so much for hosting me, Antonio."

"You're welcome, Yang. Now tell me, why you travel?"

"I believe that there are many pieces of myself scattered in different places around the world. So I need to travel across the planet to collect them, that I myself can get complete."

"That is great! Wait for a moment, please. Rosa is getting a gift for you. Do you want to guess what it is?"

"Wow, thank you! Is it a souvenir?"

"No. It's not a souvenir."

"Ah... A postcard?"

"Haha, it's more than a postcard. It's a letter."

"A letter?"

"Yes, a letter written to you, and to all of us, by the creator..."

"The creator?"

"Yes, the creator of the universe."

"Oh, it's the Bible."

"Ah, yes, it's part of it. It's the New Testament."